Catalina A.
About Caregivers - Nanny Profiles

Why choose me?


I'm proud if I am the one you choose me as your live-in caregiver because I am willing to give my best when it comes to work. Being a teacher I can use my knowledge and strategy in dealing with children various ages. I have positive outlook towards life. I am professional type of employee. I am flexible and jolly type of person. I am open for suggestions and new learnings and I practice a lot of patience.


Current Country:

 Hong Kong

Number of years working: 

  4 years

Birth Date:

 October 1978





Civil Status:





 Bacheclor of Science in Secondary Education

Do you have caregiver training or any training certificates?

Yes. Household Services NC ll

Languages spoken:

English,  Tagalog (Phils)

Experience with Children:



 Various ages 11, 10, 9, 6, 2, & 1 yr old

Experience with elderly:





During my free time normally reading books, cross stitching, listening to music, surfing the internet, playing volleyball, get together with my friends during our day off.

Do you smoke?


Do you drink?


Do you know how to swim?


Do you have a valid driver's license?


Are you willing to learn to drive?


What type of commitment are you looking for an employment as a nanny/caregiver?

Full time long term.

What did your previous employer like best about you as their nanny/caregiver?

My employer like best about my characteristic because I am I'm kind, cheerful, trustworthy, patience and most of all I am very dedicated to my job and hardworking. I worked professionally and I treat them with my utmost care. And also my previous employer likes me because I am alert in case of emergency, he had an attack epilepsy giving first aid and calling the ambulance. Then her wife had cramps because she's pregnant that time so by helping her to stretch to ease the cramps.


* A 'Dear Family' letter to the employer is available. Please contact OCRA or fill out the Online Parent Application for additional information.