Rachel P.
About Caregivers - Nanny Profiles

Why choose me?

I am reliable, responsible individual, and flexible, I can easily to get along with others and a friendly person. I am dedicated to my work, I love to care and give importance to the needy, well determined to stay with my employer. I am hardworking, and most of all I can take application and I promise you won't regret me as your future nanny/ caregiver. I am a well-rounded individual and knows ways how to surpass whatever obstacles that may come in my way.

Current Country:


Number of years working:

4 years

Birth Date:

September 1971





Civil Status:





Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Do you have caregiver training or any training certificates?

Yes. Basic Life Support for Health Care Provider. Infection Control Program. Saudi Commission for Health Specialities. Integrated Comprehensive Nurses Licensure.

Languages spoken:

English,Tagalog (Phils)

Experience with Children:



Various ages

Experience with elderly:



Various ages


I love strolling in the mall with friends, computer surfing and chat with my friends and family, but most of the time I prefer to stay at home. I used to play bowling and billiards, dancing for my fitness and swimming.

Do you smoke?


Do you drink?


Do you know how to swim?


Do you have a valid driver's license?


Are you willing to learn to drive?

Yes. I had been trained to drive a vehicle in the Philippines.

What type of commitment are you looking for an employment as a nanny/caregiver?

I prefer to have an open communication to my prospective employer. Long term employment.

What did your previous employer like best about you as their nanny/caregiver?

They like best about me being honest, organize, reliable, kind and humble person. I can communicate well. I am well dedicated to my work assignment, hardworking, and have a common sense in every task assigned. As a staff nurse in the ward, I'm one of the nurses who has given task to take care of the VIP patient.


* A 'Dear Family' letter to the employer is available. Please contact OCRA or fill out the Online Parent Application for additional information.