Maria Liezelda G - HIRED
About Caregivers - Nanny Profiles

Why choose me?

The employer should choose me because I am a hardworking person, kind, friendly, patient when dealing with people, have initiative, cheerful, reliable, mature and I can work without supervision with my employer. I am able to do my duties and responsibilities diligently. I have passion in my job being a nanny, honesty, loyal and excellent service that you will not regret to offer me a work to serve you. As a mother I know how to handle and take good care of your siblings. I know how to cook, and know how to handle and take care with newborn, infants and toddler. I know how to manage my time, respectful, skillful, loyal, willingness to work hard with my job.

Current Country:

Hong Kong

Number of years working:

3 year and 7 months

Birth Date:

July 1975





Civil Status:



State University


Bachelor of Secondary Education

Do you have caregiver training or any training certificates?

Yes. Household Services Certificate

Languages spoken:

English Tagalog (Phils.)

Experience with Children:



7yr and 6 months old

Experience with elderly:





If I have free time I really enjoy watching television and movies, sewing, cross stitching, going to church with friends, strolling at the mall, and going for picnic at the beach with friends.

Do you smoke?


Do you drink alcohol?


Do you know how to swim?


Do you have a valid driver's license?


Are you willing to learn to drive?

Yes.( I know how to drive a motorcycle).

What type of commitment are you looking for an employment as a nanny/caregiver?

Long term commitment. Stable.

What did your previous employer like best about you as their nanny/caregiver?

Being honest, hardworking dedicated with my work, humble and I do all the best that I can They like most about me because I give them much attention to love and care, and I keep my work patiently to feel them satisfy and happy. I manage the things to be organize, I love their children and easy to be with.


* A 'Dear Family' letter to the employer is available. Please contact OCRA or fill out the Online Parent Application for additional information.