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As a mother, Director, and formerly 5 years experienced as a nanny back in Hong Kong and here in Canada, through my experienced and expertised I can relate to both family and to the nanny.Mrs. Mel Edlund - Founded Ontario Caregiver Recruit Agency, Inc. in 2004....OUR NEW LOCATION and MAILING ADDRESS : 751 Rathbourne Ave., Woodstock, Ontario N4S 4L6 Canada

Why choose OCRA?

For Parents & Families

Why choose Caregiver Recruit Agency?

  • Friendly customer service, reliable, reputable, trusted and licensed agency. For many years in service we placed 100's of nannies and caregivers all over Canada.

  • We care about your family

  • We listen and understand your concerns and needs

  • We respect and keep your records confidential with both parties

  • We are honest and committed to the highest integrity of professionalism††

  • We only provide nannies/caregivers committed to provide a long term service to our clients.

  • We provide long term commitment with services such as ongoing follow-ups as well as mediation if conflicts arise. We provide this to our clients for the duration that the nanny/caregiver is working with the family.

The Ontario Caregiver Recruit Agency is here to provide excellent services to our clients with the best of our knowledge and capabilities to satisfy each and everyone who needs us and our services for a helping hand.

Testimonials & Experiences :: Available upon request (out of respect for the privacy of our clients)

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  • Catalina A.

     Name: Catalina A.

    Age: 34

    Marital Status: Single

    Education:  Bacheclor of Science in Secondary Education

    Location:  Hong Kong

    Experience: Child care: 11, 10, 9, 6, 2, & 1 yr old (various employers)