Site Administrators How-to (instructions)

To add a blog entry (latest news from OCRA)....

  1. Click on 'Add a blog' from the admin menu
  2. Enter the title of your blog entry (i.e. 'Tonight's party was great!')
  3. For Published, select yes (if you select no, it will remain as a draft until you publish it)
  4. Enter the alias of the blog - this is the actual URL that will show up, no spaces or special characters, short and simple is best
    1. ie. tonightsparty
  5. For Front Page, select No unless you want it to replace one of the three home page artices
  6. For Section, select 'OCRA Info'
  7. For Category, select 'Blog'
  8. Then enter your blog.
  9. No other fields need to be changed.
  10. If you want to, you can add meta data (keywords and descriptions) in the Metadata Information tab.